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Q: What is Direct Connect?

A: Direct Connect allows a two-way connectivity between the bank and the accounting software. With Microsoft Money, or Intuit Quicken/QuickBooks you may connect directly to the bank’s OFX server to request account transactions, initiate transfers, and send payment requests.

Q: What is OFX?

A: Open Financial Exchange (OFX) is the industry standard for electronic transfer of financial data between financial institutions (FIs), businesses, and consumers via the Internet. OFX streamlines how financial information is delivered from our bank directly to your computer.

Q: What versions of Quicken or QuickBooks are supported by Direct Connect?

A: The current year's version or two prior years of Quicken® or QuickBooks®.

Q: Is Direct Connect secure?

A: Yes, Direct Connect is fully secured with support for 128-bit encryption. We authenticate your identity based upon your User ID and Password.

Q: What benefits does Direct Connect provide?

A: Direct Connect can help you conveniently track your expenses, budget your money and keep your finances updated. You can download transactions, update account balances, and manage your bank accounts directly with us. You can also transfer funds between your accounts with Direct Connect and pay bills via the accounting software.

Q: How many days of data are available for me to download?

A: All transactions listed for the last 45 days can be downloaded.

Q: Will I incur any fees?


Yes. If you are a consumer (non-business) customer, the cost is $9.95 per month with unlimited online sessions. Additionally, you can take advantage of unlimited free bill pay if you receive an eStatement for your account.

Pricing for business customers is $9.95 which includes unlimited number of online sessions. Bill payment is an additional $6.95 per month. This includes 20 bill payments free and 55¢ for each bill pay in excess of 20 per month.