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  • Save money for a vacation

    As a student, winter may be one of the most stressful times of the year.

     There are several ways to save money for a spring break trip.From taking final exams to submitting end of the year papers, your brain may be fried by the time you are all done. After a long winter, you should treat yourself and add a little excitement to your life. One of the best ways to shake off the winter blues is by going on a trip. Kicking back on the beach or just taking a long weekend trip are a few ways you can spend this unofficial holiday. Although these trips can give you some much needed relaxation, they can be very expensive. Plane tickets, accommodations and gas can start to add up and drain your bank account. If you want to travel, you should start saving now. Here are a few ways you can save money for your vacation:

    Assess your current financial state
    The first step to padding your bank account for your trip is to take a good, hard look at your finances. Review your budget items and figure out areas where you can cut back. If you notice your utility bills are too high, try conserving energy in your household, or if you are going out too many times during the week, try limiting yourself to only once a week. By cutting back on a few areas, you will be able to save some money.

    Cutting out unnecessary items
    As you are looking over your budget, identify areas you are spending money unnecessarily. The main way to start saving money is to not waste your funds on things you don't need. The sooner you do away with frivolous spending, the quicker you will be able to add more money to your bank account.

    Some of this frivolous spending may include buying a coffee every day or purchasing lunch for yourself. A $4 latte or an $8 meal may not seem like a lot, but those weekly tabs can end up being costly. Try cutting these expenses completely from your budget. Pack your lunch and drink the "coffee" at work.

    Working a job
    Working in college can be difficult. Just going to classes may leave you little time to do homework, let alone have a job. Although it may be difficult, if you space out some time during the week for a job, you will be able to save up for your trip. Investigate whether your school has any job postings. Many times a financial aid office will have a list of openings, such as working in the library or a computer lab. Even if it is just for a few hours during the week or on Saturdays, a job will help you save for your trip.

    Use credit sparingly During this time, you should be careful with how you spend your money. Creating a budget can help you keep track of your checking account, but you should also be sure to use your credit card wisely. Using a card will help you build a positive credit rating, but you should only use it for small purchases. If you are overspending, you may not have enough credit left if you run into an emergency while on your trip.

    School deals
    Try to find as many deals around your campus as possible. If you already have a prepaid meal plan, use it instead of going out to a restaurant. If you have to pay to use your school's gym, try running outside instead. Looking around for deals, will help you save for your vacation.